If you have never registered/Signed into Leilehua 76 website, you will need to register.

Step #1 – Click on Classmates.  A message box will appear.  On the right side, “NOT A MEMBER, Sign Up”.  Click SIGNUP.

Step #2 – Below the message box, you will see the form.  Complete form for registration.  Hit “SUBMIT” button at bottom of the page to complete registration.

Step #3 –If your form was processed, you would get the following message:
“Your registration has been successfully received.”

You are done.  Your registration is completed. Within 10 minutes or less,  you should receive an email from Leilehua.com providing you with your username and password information that you entered when registering.  Classmates form is considered your profile setup. 
After this, you can go through the entire site with no restrictions. 

Once you have created your username and password, please log in using it.  The login would now be the Left Side of the same Message box you initially used for Sign In. 
This time type in your username and password. 

It’s that easy.  Please do not share your username and password with others for security reasons.
If you have any issues, let us know through our Contact Us page.
Thank you again.
Once you are in, you will see in the top right corner   SETTINGS   LOGOUT

Please log out once you are done viewing the website.  If you log out, it will change to   LOGIN.
Clicking on the top LOGIN will provide same Message Box as initially SignUp
Please see Question-Answer page to see if what you are in need of has been provided.